Tuesday, October 15, 2013

SV #3 Unit H Concept 7 Finding logs given approximations

This student video is about finding logs given approximations like finding treasure given clues. Clues all have the same base and different variables. You find those variables from dividing the log you have to find into the factors from the clues. These factors will tell you which variables are used and how you will construct them. You use prior knowledge from concept 5. 

Make sure to pay attention to how I am finding the factors like how you find prime numbers (which all of my factors/clues are!). You may also want to pay attention to all the properties that go into expanding logs. Make sure all your calculations are correct, your division does not have to be the same as mine because you will get the same answer as me as long as they are the whole numbers given in the clues. 

Thanks for watching! I finally fixed the quality of everything so my videos will be a lot nicer!! woot! 

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