About Me

  Hello! I'm Helena, 16 years and counting, and a student a Segerstrom High. I have a lot of favorite things such as the color green, apples, high places, biking, etc. It really depends either on the people around me or my mood on a day to know how I am but for the most part, I am a vocal person. I like to express my opinions and tell people what I think. I love being loud but not so loud that I am obnoxious. I enjoy cracking bad jokes and twisting peoples' words. However, this does not mean I can't keep to myself, which, in fact, I do very often in big crowds of talkative people. Since I tend to mess around and talk about random things most of the time, it's difficult to get to understand me unless you are one of my close friends. If you really want to know what kind of person I am I suggest you talk to me and get to know me along the ride!
  My kind of interests are sorted near arts like music and drawing which is why I've been in and plan on being in Band. If you were wondering,"What instrument does Helena play?", I play flue, piccolo, auxiliary percussion (pit), the snare drum (drumline), and piano. It is a lot but I work my way around. Another thing is drawing. I love to draw. I mean, I draw whenever I can because it is fun and gives me a bit of freedom. Also, the best feeling is biking. I have received plenty injuries from my bike rides but I still haven't scarred myself for life so I just keep riding. It is a thrill and it makes me wonder if that's what flying feels like.
  As a student, I am moderately intelligent. I do not have the best work ethic but I am trying to fix that. I pick up on topics quick and I like visual teaching. I tend to understand things more actively than others. I am not the kind of "asian girl" student that gets A's majority of the time but will try to end up doing the best I can. My favorite class is Band with Mr. Garcia but my second best class would be generally math because it would be the subject I would pick up the fastest and have more understandable fun. Science is fun such as the labs but some of their concepts confusing me like no other and once I get lost on that it becomes a bit difficult to pick up.
  I hope that gave you a good frame of who I am and I hope I'll have a good Junior Year!

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