Monday, October 7, 2013

SV #2 Unit G Concept 1-7 Graphing Asymptotes

This problem is about Graphing Asymptotes covering concepts 1-7. The video explains how to find the asymptotes and how to solve for them. It also explains how to find holes, the domain, and axis intercepts. Then, it shows how to graph everything from the asymptotes to the axis-intercepts. 

Make sure to pay special attention to how all of the steps are done such as the long division for the slant asymptote, factoring for the vertical asymptote, and canceling for the holes. The rest should be review. You may also want to pay attention to how I got the graph and check your work and your graphing calculator to see if you and I got the same answer. 

Thanks for watching! I really need to find a better program to record my screen resolution (at least you can hear what I'm talking about) so sorry for that. . .

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